Individuals serving probation with Lucas County Adult Probation (LCAPD) should first check with their probation officer before registering for this program.? LCAPD has a comprehensive in-person program at no cost to you!


To register for the Online 8-Session Anger Management Program the cost is $65.00.

This will allow you to:

1. When you Register in this recognized Anger Management Program and you will be emailed a Letter of Enrollment verifying that you have enrolled to take the course. This can be presented to your Judge, Probation Officer or other interested parties.

2. This course allows you to read through all lessons and take the test, discover where you need to improve your understanding of anger management ideas, and correct your answers until you have passed.

3. After passing the test, you will receive an email that shows you have completed the program. The email will also have a link which will allow you to print your certificate.

The Online 8-Session Anger Management Program fee is $65.00

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