Weekly Homework | Anger Management Program by Court Diagnostic & Treatment Center

Weekly Homework

For the day with the highest number, identify the event that triggered your anger, the cues that were associated with your anger, and the strategies you used to manage your anger in response to the event.

Use the following questions for your weekly review before completing the next lesson:

  1. What was the highest number you reached on the anger meter during the past week?

  2. What was the event that triggered your anger?




  3. What cues were associated with the anger-provoking event?
    Physical cues


    Behavioral cues


    Emotional cues


    Cognitive cues


  4. What strategies did you use to avoid reaching 10 on the anger meter?




You can print this page as an easy way to record your homework each week.

For each day of the upcoming week, monitor and record the highest number you reach on the anger meter.

_____ M _____ T _____ W _____ Th _____ F _____ Sat _____ Sun


Review – Four Cue Categories

1. Physical (examples: rapid heartbeat, tightness in chest, feeling hot or flushed)

2. Behavioral (examples: pacing, clenching fists, raising voice, staring)

3. Emotional (examples: fear, hurt, jealousy, guilt)

4. Cognitive/Thoughts (examples: hostile self-talk, images of aggression and revenge)